The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory Ontario, Canada

Six Fun Things To Do and See in Southern Ontario This Summer

Six Fun Things To Do and See in Southern Ontario This Summer
1.    The Grotto
A grotto is a small, picturesque cave.  Near Tobermory, at the Bruce Peninsula National Park, there is a rocky beach and plenty of hiking opportunities.  Hiking leads you to amazing little caves throughout the rocky area and even some caves in which you can swim.  The Grotto is one of the best summer activities you can do in Southern Ontario while enjoying nature and getting some exercise!  Check it out – it is beautiful all year round!  It makes an especially nice trip in the warm summer months of July and August when the water has warmed up enough to go for a swim.
2.    The Holyrood General Store
Located in the small community of Holyrood, the Holyrood General Store is one of the best places in the area to get ice cream.  It is a part of the Huron-Kinloss Ice Cream Trail this year.  They pile their cones high with ice cream and have tons of flavours from which to choose!  Be sure to check out this off-the-beaten-path shop during one of this summer’s hot, sunny days.
3.    Southampton
The quaint town of Southampton is the perfect place to spend the day.  The beach is beautiful; there are unique shops and restaurants lining the streets of the downtown area.  Most of the downtown is within walking distance of the beach which makes Southampton the perfect place to spend the day; park your car at the beach, spend some time in the water, then stroll up to a great restaurant!
4.    The Walkerton “Lookout”
The lookout in Walkerton is a fascinating place with which many people are unfamiliar.  The Lookout is a small shelter that overlooks the entire town; from here, the steeples of all the churches, the water towers, the schools, and much more are visible.  There is a park at the bottom of the hill, and a trail going up to the top.  One of the most interesting parts is the series of plaques at various places on the hill.  These plaques highlight parts of Walkerton’s history, and shed some light on the backstory of the area!
5.    The Saugeen River
Are you a fan of fishing or canoeing?  If so, the Saugeen River is the perfect place for water activities during the summer!  The Saugeen River has several access points along its long stretch of 160km.  Choose an access point along the river and set up to fish, or park your vehicle further along the river for a fun canoe or kayak adventure.
6.    The Elora Gorge
Situated in Elora, the Elora Gorge is a popular attraction for residents of the surrounding area.  The gorge is a natural occurrence in the Grand River where water rushes from a height of 22 meters.  There are opportunities at the gorge to partake in tubing, fishing, and other water-related activities.  There is also a network of trails that go in and around the area, and the Elora Quarry located nearby.  A very worthwhile trip for anyone on a hot summer’s day!
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