The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory Ontario, Canada

8 Great Reasons to Live in Bruce County

There are a plethora of reasons to live in or move to Bruce County, but here are some of the top reasons why you should move here along with some things to see and do:

1. The Beach! Most towns and communities in Bruce County are quite near the lakeshore. Sandy beaches line Lake Huron and make it the perfect place to spend a warm sunny day. Some of the most popular beach spots include Station Beach in Kincardine, Main Beach in Port Elgin, and the sandy beachfront at Sauble Beach. Tourists and Bruce County residents alike love spending time at these locations especially to partake in activities like beach volleyball, boating, kayaking, or Canada Day festivities.

2. The Close-Knit Community. Because of the small size of most communities in Bruce County, it is very easy to get to know people. You will be great friends with your neighbours, the people who work at the hardware store will know you by name, and your children will get to forge lifelong friendships with their classmates. This is great because you can always be sure to have someone to lend you a helping hand. You will always feel at home no matter where you go in the community because you are sure to know someone! Bruce County is warm and welcoming to everyone who joins the community!

3. Outdoor Activities – there are a ton of things to do to get some sunshine and fresh air in Bruce County. There are trails for biking, cycling, and four wheeling. Some great ones include the Carrick Tract Trail for light hiking and cycling; the Bruce Trail, a long trail for hiking, biking, walking and snowshoeing; and the Bruce County Rail Trail which is a great place to go four wheeling.

4. You Get Small-Town Vibes with big-city proximity; if you love small-town vibes like we do, then any town in Bruce County is perfect for you. You will experience the hominess and comfort of a small-town, but luckily many city centers are quite nearby.

5. The Bruce County Museum. The museum is a perfect place for a day-trip, and it offers a fun way to learn more about the area and its history! There are exhibits both about the area, and other topics; in the past, there have been exhibits such as ‘The Last Frontier’ and Canadian Art. You can also go to the Bruce County Museum if you are interested in learning more about your ancestry. There is a Genealogy Workshop run once a year, and all the tools you need are in the Research Room and Archives.

6. Easy Access to the Border. People who live in Bruce County are very fortunate to have the Canadian/American border within a very reasonable distance. Many people find themselves making the short trip, of around 3 hours, across the border for shopping, concerts, and vacations.

7. At the top of Bruce County, there is The Bruce Peninsula. This is a gorgeous area both to live in and vacation. There is the Bruce Peninsula National Park which is home to the grotto at Tobermory. Tons of people visit the grotto every summer to wade in the clear water, hike the trails surrounding Cyprus Lake, and relax on the rocky beach. In addition to the national park, there are several provincial parks in Bruce County such as MacGregor Point, Inverhuron, Little Cove, and Sauble Falls.

8. London, Kitchener/Waterloo, and Guelph are very close, and even the big city of Toronto is not very far away. Living in Bruce County, you get the best of both worlds.

9. Everyone Wants to Visit You! Even people who do not live in Bruce County want to be here. Family members of Bruce County residents tend to love visiting the area because of all the reasons mentioned above. You can show your relatives the great opportunities and things to do that Bruce County has to offer, and continue to spend quality time in your new home!

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